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The Hospices de Colmar


As an ancestral tradition, Gentil is a blend composed from 50% of quality grape-varieties : Pinot Gris which gives its richeness and structure, Riesling its freshness and vivacity, and Gewurztraminer its suppleness and the spicy aromas. The Hospices de Colmar Gentil develops floral aromas with lime, vanilla, acacia honey and peach nuances. In the mouth, the suppleness is associated with a fine, fresh and fruity acidity which ends in a marvellous final. We recommend it to accompany fish terrines, sea and river fish in sauce or broiled, soft pickled fish, or asparagus. You can also drink it with some cooked poultry and pheasant.



Riesling is part of the four great grape-varieties which have obtained worldwide reputation since many generations. The Hospices de Colmar Riesling, stemmed from gravely soil, benefits from an exceptional microclimate and develops flower and citrus aromas, typical of this grape-variety. With a frank and lively attack, the structure and the full body give this wine remarkable balance and persistence. This wine can be a perfect companion to fish in sauce, crayfish, snails, specialities of Alsace such as baeckeoffe and sauerkraut, fresh goat cheese or veal roast.



The Hospices de Colmar Pinot Gris, stemmed from old vines, develops smoked aromas, mixed with exotic fruits flavours. Full-bodied and heady, full of nobility, this wine is delicate, with a pleasant mild attack, generous and warm on the palate. This wine can be served with foie gras and could replace a red wine with meats, especially game or duck.



The Hospices de Colmar Gewurztraminer stems from vineyards older than 40 years where the exceptional terroir and the microclimate allow it to reach an optimal quality. This wine exalts crystallised fruit fragrances and rose armoas. With a great, concentred palate and a nice harmony, this wine is very promising. It can be an accompaniment to strong cheese, froie gras, exotic cuisine. It could even be the surprise of your aperitifs and desserts.


Clos Saint Jacques


A beautiful yellow colour with shiny green tints, the Clos Chasselas reveals an aromatic bouquet, fine and clear with notes of lime blossom. Beautifully elegant on the palate and very easy to drink, it offers a balanced fruitiness and floral freshness.

Serving suggestion :

Aperitif : a fresh and pleasant wine, delicious as an aperitif.
Main courses : ideal with white pudding, asparagus tart or beef fondue and fish served with a sauce.
Desserts : goes wonderfully well with cheese dishes (Raclette, fondue, Vacherin du Mont d’Or).
Laying down : 2 to 3 years.



Pinot Blanc

The early ripening of the Clos Pinot Blanc grapes makes it a very rich wine, pale gold in colour with brilliant tints. With an essentially elegant bouquet, it suggests discreet notes of white fruits, citrus flowers and a delicate smokiness. Brightly fresh and expressive, it is admirably vivacious on the palate.

Serving suggestion :

Cold starters : cured meats, fish terrine, raw fish, seafood salad.
Hot starters : asparagus, Munster cheese pie, flammekueche.
Main courses : fish mousse, crayfish bake, grilled fish, roast poultry, soufflés, quiches, pies, rabbit with mustard sauce.
Laying down : 2 to 3 years.




Riesling is the last vine in Alsace to ripen. The king of Alsatian wines is all about nuances, simultaneously proud and severe. The Clos Riesling has a lemony yellow hue with platinum tints, expressing an elegant and intense aromatic structure. The bouquet reveals slightly musky aromas of white blooms and acacia. Excellently structured, this Riesling develops notes of very ripe orchard fruits, with a fine acidity.

Serving suggestion :

Fish : fish terrine, trout with almonds, grilled salmon, monkfish steak, fillet of sole, pike from the River Ill and shellfish.
Other dishes : Alsatian snails, frog’s legs and pork, veal and poultry served with a sauce.
Cheese : soft and subtly flavoured cheeses.
Laying down : 4 to 6 years.




The Clos Muscat, with its yellow hue and subtle copper tints, offers a richly fruity bouquet. It is appealingly fresh with fruity and floral notes. Convincingly present on the palate, it is a structured and crisp wine with lemon notes, ending in a floral and lengthy finish.

Serving suggestion :

Apéritif : perfect as an aperitif or any time as a drink on its own.
Main courses : wonderful with asparagus, scallops, cured salmon or a goat’s cheese salad.
Desserts : ideal at the end of a meal served with melon or a slightly sweet dessert.
Laying down : 3 to 4 years.



Pinot Gris

Cloaked in a beautiful yellow gold with platinum tints, the Clos Pinot Gris is a remarkably typical wine with notes of dried fruit, honey, quince and truffle. It is a powerful wine, with an elegant structure built on aromas of ripe fruit and humus, boasting good length on the palate.

Serving suggestion :

Starters : perfect with foie gras on brioche.
Main courses : with creamy dishes, spicy and strong flavours, swordfish steak.
Meats : game, guinea fowl with morels, quail pie and even snails in garlic butter.
Laying down : 5 to 7 years.



The Clos Gewurztraminer, famous for its intense bouquet, develops rich fruit and spicy aromas. With a brilliant yellow colour and golden tints, it reveals a rich, very elegant nose. Soft and fine, the palate expresses aromas of exotic fruits, particularly litchi. The spicy finish is remarkable.

Serving suggestion :

Entrées : serve as an aperitif, with a starter of cured or smoked salmon and monkfish with saffron.
Main courses : serve with pork, veal and poultry, exotic, sweet and sour dishes.
Desserts : with strong cheeses like Munster, Bleu d’Auvergne and Epoisses, and also with desserts and pastries.
Laying down : 5 to 7 years.


Pinot Noir

A fresh cherry red colour, the Clos Pinot Noir is very expressive with aromas of blackberry, summer fruits and delicate spice. On the palate, texture and fullness confer the easy-to-drink and charming feel. It is balanced in a flexible structure with smooth flavours of fruits and a good length.

Serving suggestion :

Aperitif : as a light aperitif, with a barbecue or Alsatian snails.
Main courses : serve with marinated, barbecued meats, meat pies, meat cooked with fruit or roast poultry.
Desserts : with cheese, with a red berry Charlotte or a black cherry tart.
Laying down : 3 to 4 years.


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