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The Domaine Viticole de la Ville de Colmar operates more than 28 hectares of property with:

14 hectares for Domaine Viticole de la Ville de Colmar

10.5 hectares for Clos Saint-Jacques

A collection of seven great wines made with the passion of unique expertise, jealously quarded by the hills and rivers of Alsace.

The origins of wine-making in the Clos Saint-Jacques date back to 1895, thanks to research carried out by famous ampelographers, pioneers of Alsace viticulture. Unique in Alsace, its vines cover 10.5 hectares, protected by the typical Alsatian buildings located on the outskirts of the picturesque capital of the Alsace wine region.

The Clos is situated on the best terroirs bordering the Colmar vine plains known as “Hardt”, protected from the wind by the surrounding hills. Its complex terroir is naturally formed by the meeting of two rivers, the Fecht and the Weibelambach, which give the Clos and its soil remarkable properties. The lower layers are composed of calcareous and Vosges sandstone pebbles. The layer just beneath the sur face is gravelly, loamy and stony.

The Vineyard soil heats quickly during the day and the stones release their warmth during the night. The Clos boasts an exceptional microclimate with little rain; Colmar is famous for being the second driest town in France after Perpignan.

Thanks to its unique terroir and its privileged location, the vines of Clos Saint-Jacques enjoy optimal growth, a remarkable fruity character and slightly earlier ripeness than all other vines in Alsace. The wines are marked by the mineral nature of the soil which gives them a lively and distinguished character.

When young, the wines are focused on fruit; when older, the subtlety of the mineral nuances is released. The wines of the Clos Saint-Jacques have exceptional potential ageing; they only reach their peak after a few years in the bottle.

3.5 for Hospices de Colmar

It is in 1255 that the civil hospices of the imperial town of Colmar were established. During this time period, priests received pilgrims and poor people, to treat them and sometimes offer them room and board. Hospital costs were often paid in kind by handing over farmlands property. The Hospices vineyard was supported over the years by benefactors' donations and legacies, and today represents a prestigious domain, property of the Louis Pasteur's civil hospices. The Domaine Viticole de la Ville de Colmar cultivates this prestigious domain to make four exceptional wines.

The Hospices vieyard is situated on drained soil which heats up very quickly in the Spring. This leads to an early development of the vine.

The vineyard is also famous for the exceptional micro-climate it benefits from. Colmar is one of the French cities where it rains the least.

This perfect balance between terroir and micro-climate favours early maturity for the grapes, delicacy and a mineral feature for the wines. Full-bodied and heady, full of nobility, Hospices de Colmar wines stem from old vines and offer delicate and fine features. Powerful and generous, they develop great condensed aromas. They are definitely wines with ageing potential.

The greatness of this vineyard is illustrated by four exceptional wines :
The famous Gentil, the Riesling, the Pinot Gris, and the Gewurztraminer.

Wines coming from the Hospices de Colmar vineyard are known for heaving a flawless, delicate and complex nose, while in the mouth, strength, refinement and delicately spicy, dense flavours mix with the mineral feature of this terroir.


The range "Signature" de Colmar ⇒ Our exceptional wines :

The personality of these wines are characterized by a delicate fruity and complex aromas filled with great finesse. Outstanding wines, a nice character as Vendanges Tardives, Sélection de Grains Nobles and prestigious Grands Crus (Florimont, Hengst, Sommerberg, Pfersigberg, Steingrubler) revealing the diversity of Alsace.

Our Special Vintages

Among our special vinified, you will find the wines Unterlinden Riesling, Liberty Pinot Gris, Cuvée du Conseil Souverain Pinot Gris, Cuvée des Dominicains Gewurztraminer, Saveurs d’Eté Pinot Noir Rosé, Pinot Noir Fût de Chêne.

Our Crémant d'Alsace amply rewarded

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